It’s Not Even Possible To Visualize Wealth Inequality!

80 people in the world have as much wealth as 3.6 billion of the poorest citizens of planet Earth. It is so out of whack, we can’t even visualize in a way that would communicate the disparity.

This obviously presents food for thought, even if every single one of the 80 people got their wealth through hard work and sweat. Only a slight investigation would show that the aforementioned condition is unmet in more than a few cases, be it because of ill-gotten gains due to illegal means or “legal” means of official corruption we practice here in the US. 

It will be impossible to change official and unofficial corruption – be it in Russia or in the UK or in Argentina. All we should ask the super-rich to do, and this is all we should ask of them, is to force each government to level the playing field for the poorest of the poor. Use their super-rich influence, to force politicians to create better schools, to put programs in place to give skills training, to create daycare so poor moms who want to go to work to raise their family can, and all other things like this.

The other day on NPR a Republican politician from Dakota made a passionate case for how the poor are “taking advantage of the government generosity”. He was talking about eliminating programs put in place to give support to families making less than $16,000 per year. $16k. Per Year! Meanwhile, this joker, in his official political capacity had and has been voting for millions upon millions in tax breaks for already profitable corporations.

That is all I ask. Help stop this garbage, super-rich. You have the power and the influence. Find this guy, spank him, and spank others like him into seeing sanity.

Super-rich, this will be good for you. The more consumers we move into the middle-class, the more consumers you will have for your products and services. Help the poor, only via forcing governments to level the playing field and not by giving the poor money from your bank accounts.

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