Remember when we used to talk about the Canadian brain drain? For a lot of years, we stopped hearing about that.

Well, I think its safe to assume we’ll start to see an exodus of our best scientists with the ridiculously huge number of programs and research facilities closed or gutted by the Harper government.

Not surprisingly, virtually all of the programs and facilities studied the environment in some way, be it evaluations of pollution or waste, investigations of species at risk, or simply study of environments or ecologies.

All of these run the risk of contradicting the world view that the Harper government is hell bent on selling to the world that energy is plentiful, the environment is fine or will fix itself, and isn’t oil just wonderful. Never has Canada’s government so excelled at willful blindness in the face of overwhelming evidence.

My biggest fear is that 2015 will come too late and that the damage to this country’s natural and intellectual ecosystems will be too extensive to recover, even if we do succeed in removing the tyrannical egoist that is our current Prime Minister.

Federal programs and research facilities that have been shut down or had their funding reduced – Blog – the fifth estate

Information compiled by the Canadian Association of University Teachers and the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada.

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