I shared this on Facebook yesterday, but it’s worth a cross post.

I’m more than a little worried about what Wind’s failure to participate in the latest wireless spectrum auction means for me as a subscriber and whether I’m going to have a mobile provider for much longer. If Wind does bite it, that means paying a shit-ton more for my mobile phone service.

The larger ramifications of their non-participation, though, are even more frightening. Once again, our telecommunications assets will be divvied up among the country’s telecom giants. The fact that they own the vast majority of these assets is exacerbated by their vertical integration (they all own infrastructure as well as the content that it serves) and their failure to truly compete with each other (evidenced by their virtually identical pricing models).

I call on our political leadership to adopt an anti-monopoly agenda for all telecommunications and broadcasting. Our government (be it this one or the next) must force these massive, vertically integrated companies to either break up or find a way to truly compete with each other.

Why it’s more important than ever to push for authentic wireless choice

Yesterday, we learned that Wind Mobile pulled out of a crucial auction for wireless assets – assets that are crucial to the future of our cell phone market – only a day before it was set to begin.

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