Some thoughts from this morning upon reading reactions to Rob Ford’s latest escapades:

I’m just as sick as anyone of the constant media coverage of Ford, but you know who’s fault it is? Rob Ford’s!

When people screw up as badly as he did, decorum and good sense dictate that they go away and deal with their shit on their own. But, Ford won’t go away and instead keeps bringing all his shit front and centre for everyone to have to deal with whether they want to or not.

No one cares that he wanted to pay a visit to his cousin. What they care about is that he did it at 2pm on a work day when both he and his cousin should have more important things to do than hang out, even for a few minutes. And, that he did it knowing that he’s under such intense scrutiny, rightly or wrongly, means that, on some level at least, he wanted the attention he’s getting from the situation. Or, it means that he’s completely delusional about the control any person can have on the media once they’ve invited it so willingly into their life. It also begs a number of questions like:

– What could be so important that Ford needed to pay his cousin a visit at work in the middle of the afternoon (not on the universally agreed noon lunch hour)?

– If Ford is so busy and so over-worked now that his staff has been cut, why wasn’t he at city hall at 2pm?

– Is this cousin someone that supplied Ford with drugs in the past? Could there have been an ulterior motive behind the visit? This might be far-fetched, but is anything outside the realm of possibility with Ford?

I’ve heard so many people say that the media should leave Ford alone now, but how can they when he keeps demanding their attention. If he really wanted it to stop, he’d do his job then go home, maybe be seen spending time with his kids or his wife. Basically, he’d make himself as boring as possible so that the media would have nothing to cover.

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